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Why are there men insisting 50-50 payments on dates?

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I have been watching youtube videos and I've been coming across a lot of videos lately about men insisting on 50-50 set up on first dates. Meaning they want to split the bill 50-50 with the woman they've asked out. I think this is CRAZY and a serious red flag!

You're the man who asked someone to go out with you for a date and the woman was courteous enough to give you a chance. She probably doesn't even like you at that stage but decided to still get to know you. That means she's hoping that you would be someone special despite your appearance or unknown character. And the first thing you demand is a 50-50 splitting of the bill. This is so immature. Men, if you insist on this, it wont be a problem for the woman to pay for herself, but don't expect for a second date. Don't even expect that you would be respected for that gesture.  

If these are the types of men today, I feel sad for the women of the future. I'm lucky that I've never experienced this with my husband when we were still dating. I never demanded anything from him and yet he was such a good man in our dates. He fully paid on our first date of course. He would spoil me on some occasions and I would do the same for him. I would surprise him with presents and also treat him lunch or dinners from time to time. So it's a give and take relationship. And now that we are married, we would still shower each other with surprises. Yes, money can be a problem sometimes in our relationship, but our key to staying in love is understanding, respect, and not acting like a child. We're not kids anymore to split a chocolate bar in the middle. 

I feel like many men today are acting boyish. They are so bothered with the word Feminist that they are afraid to take risks when it comes to courtship. They have failed to become men in front of women. They don't like women who take masculine roles, but have no problem playing video games all day.

Some of these men in these videos would even argue with women asking them what do they bring to the table. HELLO!!!! What they bring to the table is their time and trust. Which you shouldn't waste because they're the most valuable thing for us women. You even make fun of a woman for having an expiry date which you call "hitting the wall", then why would you waste her time and trust? Is it to feel more on top because you're insecure a woman can take care of herself? Or because she makes more that you? 

I get that some men have experience being treated unfairly by some of the women they date. There are gold diggers out there. But if that's the case, then they should first do a bit of background checking with the girl they want to ask out. 

Topic starter Posted : 08/01/2023 2:11 am
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Yeah, I feel like this is a weird thing men today are bringing up. Like, is it even my privilege that I have given you a chance on a date? First date palang ganyan na kaagad?

They're asking what do we women bring to the table as if they carry the world on their shoulders. What we bring to the table is companionship since most men are lonely and don't know how to communicate their feelings. We bring our bodies so they can have a baby and family they can call their own. We bring purpose to their boring lives. They talk like this as if they've never had a mother who struggled for them. 

When they ask what do we bring to the table, they're really saying they want us to be submissive to them and just shut up. Offer our bodies whenever they want and let them make money for us so they can be in control of the relationship and not look like a bum. Korek ka sis na red flag yan. They think they're good men, but they select bad women. And when they get hurt for their bad decisions and choices, they blame it on feminism and women in general. 


Posted : 09/01/2023 4:28 pm
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It's as if kung may magyayaya satin na guy ngayon for a date, we have to ask them kung 50-50 ba ang bill o sagot na nila lahat. If 50-50 ang sagot nila, then it's not considered a date. We dont have to be romantically involved with those kinds of guys.

Posted : 01/04/2023 7:13 pm