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A must try Southeast Asian snack!!

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A few months ago, I got the chance to travel again after many years. A family friend and I went to Thailand and I have a lot of things to say about that country. But in this post, I’d like to share this irresistible and yummy snack from Thailand - Banana roti! 

A roti is a flatbread that is usually fried with butter. I believe it originates in India and became a popular snack in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. Each of those countries has its own way of preparing roti, and I would say the Thai style roti is my favorite! 

Thai roti is particularly distinguished for its flaky flatbread which mainly consists of sliced bananas. Actually it’s kinda like crepe cause you can put chocolate, caramel, condensed milk on it. The Philippine counterpart is turon, but even that is still different.

I happened to discover this heavenly delicacy because I loved strolling along the infamous Khao San Road in Bangkok, which is filled with marijuana-crazed foreigners. There are a lot of street food vendors along that road, but what caught my attention to this particular vendor is how fluidly she cooks this elastic dough and then putting sliced bananas on it. It really looked so yummy!! First taste and I was in love - it was love at first bite! Unfortunately, I was only there for three days so I didn’t get to eat roti for very long. 😩

When I came home, I immediately looked up on how to cook roti. I gave up the idea of recreating one, after I found out how difficult the technique is. Time just went on without Roti in my tummy and I was ready to move on…

Until last Sunday! My friends and I decided to go to Makati for lunch after Mass. We’re all sleep deprived, and we didn’t know where to eat 🤣 And then I saw this restaurant called “Roti Shop”! I was super stoked because I knew I can have a taste again of my favorite snack!!! We looked at the menu and that’s when I realized that not all rotis are sweet haha. Anyway, we ordered the different kinds of roti. They’re all good, but still, the Thai banana roti still has my heart! 

Please, do try it!! The Roti Shop is located in Estancia and Makati. (This is in no way sponsored by the shop lol)

Topic starter Posted : 19/12/2022 10:05 pm
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It looks so yummy 😊 

Posted : 10/09/2023 2:04 am