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Go Pilipina! is simply an online forum that facilitates sharing of opinions. It's owner/s, administrator/s, moderator/s, and member/s, do not represent the opinions of certain individuals, guests, or members who post topics or comments in this platform.

Go Pilipina! encourages members and guests to act in a civilized manner and will not condone offensive behavior. In line with this, Go Pilipina! has several steps to protect the platform and it's members, including but not limited to, banning of accounts of those who misbehave and cause issues within the platform.

The topics you may read in our forum should not be taken as "legal" or "professional" counsel. For example, you may ask questions in this forum related to health, but keep in mind that you may need to physically consult a medical professional to assist you with your needs. Go Pilipina! does not provide any medical, legal, or government services.

Please read our Safety Reminders to enjoy a safer community.


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