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[Closed] Safety reminders

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  • Think before you click!
  • Do not post personal information that can be used by wrongdoers. 
  • During registration of an account in Go Pilipina!, you may use a nickname to protect your privacy if you are not comfortable using your real name.
  • For safety reasons, we do not encourage "meet ups" among members and guests of this forum. 
  • Remember that Go Pilipina! will never ask you for money, your credit card/bank information. 
  • We ask for your cooperation to help us keep the safety and over all integrity of Go Pilipina! Please report to us any member or guest that are:
    - offering illegal products and services, 
    - soliciting funds or donations,
    - asking for personal information such as, but not limited to, account numbers, cell number, full name, address, and other personal things,
    - offering "business" or "investment" deals
  • Please avoid doing any kind of business or transactions with guests and fellow members. Remember that this is a discussion forum and not a marketplace website. This is to avoid being scammed. 


If you are a registered member of Go Pilipina!, you have an obligation to report wrongdoing members to the administrator/s. Remember this is also your community and we must keep it safe. We highly encourage members and guests to do their studies and research on how to avoid being victims of cyber crimes. 

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